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London Area Wheelchair Curlers at the Brier

March 15, 2011

A team from the London Wheelchair Curling League has been asked to do a demonstration of Wheelchair Curling at this year’s Brier in London Ontario. The Brier runs from March 5 to March 13, 2011.
Team Ideson will represent Wheelchair Curlers from across Canada. Lead Jacqui Kinahan, 2nd Tony Reynen, 3rd Mike Munro and Skip Mark Ideson will all throw a variety of shots. The crowd should be impressed with the skills that have been developed.
Team Ideson finished third in the Ontario Championships losing the semi final to an experienced team from Toronto. Of interest is the fact that three of the Ideson team had only three MONTHS experience. Wait until next year!
Of key importance is the timing of the Brier demonstration – it will be in the 5th end break during the Page Playoff Game between Team #1 and #2 after the round robin. The John Labatt Centre should be packed on March 11th with between 8 and 10 thousand curling fans. Talk about publicity for this wonderful sport in Ontario and across Canada!
The London WC League doubled its membership this year and hopefully even more participants for next year after this appearance.
For More Information Contact
Ernie Comerford, Coach/League Coordinator 519-203-0087
[email protected]