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Wheelchair Curlers Attend a High Performance Camp

March 15, 2011

Wheelchair Curlers Mark Ideson and Mike Munro attended a High Performance Wheelchair Curling Camp in Grimsby Ontario February 11-12. Both of these players are from the London Wheelchair Curling League and curl every week out of the Ilderton Curling Club.
The Camp was run by National Level Curling Coaches and staff. There were also two players from the Canadian Gold Medal team from Vancouver and Torino, Darryl Neighbour and Sonia Gaudet. Both were considered great teachers and dedicated supporters of this great sport.

 Both Ideson and Munro had just finished competing in the Ontario Provincial Championships and finishing in third place. They were eager to glean whatever knowledge they could to help improve their game even further. Players were put through a wide variety of drills, lectures and on-ice skill sessions. Instructors were very impressed with their skill level and complimented them quite a bit. Since Mark and Mike were in their first year of curling, it was a nice tribute to their dedication to being the best players they could be.
Mark and Mike were unanimous in their feeling that the Camp was extremely helpful and gave them a lot of ideas to try out including delivery ideas, stick changes and various materials given to the participants. They learned a great deal from the Camp.
Upon their return to London, they began passing on some of their new lessons to their teammates in the London Wheelchair Curling League. Over the next couple of months everyone will try out the new ideas to see if the new ideas can help them reach a much higher level of skills. They both have high goals and hopes for next year’s season.
Persons interested in joining them can contact League Coordinator, Ernie Comerford at 519-203-0087 or by email at [email protected]